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My Successful Weight|Fat Loss Experiment

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In my opinion holistic good life depends on certain factors like better physical health,mental health,beautiful body,fitness activities,balanced diet,better financial health,good relationship with others and satisfying spiritual life.

This site touches all aspects of home and family life with special emphasis on family health especially overweight and obesity.

It also deals with other important home and family issues such as diseases,debt management,personal finance,risk management(insurance),home products and self development as these too contribute to the improvement in the overall family situation.

The family is the basic unit of society and as such if family conditions are improved,the society as a whole benefits.

we are all sustained by the bond of love and support our family showers on us and without them life becomes dull and meaningless.

The problem of overweight and obesity affects almost 90% of families in this modern age.

There are countless families out there who struggle with their overweight and try some solution or the other.

These families plan their own strategy to counter the problem of overweight.

Overweight can lead to obesity which in turn might cause heart ailments,diabetes,incontinence...and others

The following video explains how to lose weight if you have the will and dedication.

The family members play a supportive role by planning their own weight loss experiments to suit their own situations.

If a person in the family plans to undergo his own weight loss experiment,the whole family supports and encourages that person so that the weight loss experiment becomes successful.

This is what weight loss experiment is about.The family plays the important supportive role which is crucial to the success of the individual's weight loss experiment.

We all strive to have good health which is the most precious thing in this world. There are many dimensions to Health and wellness.

In fact it is the combination of many things such as good diet,exercise,maintaining the right body weight,clean and healthy environment,correct life style,positive thinking and the ability to make the right health choices regarding medications, your physician etc...

In my opinion,to lead a happy and healthy life you need the following.

1.Physical health

2.Mental and emotional health

3.Financial health

4.Spiritual health

Only when you have all the above in ample measure you can have happiness and fulfilment in life.

I am of the firm opinion that in this age,it is imperative that we all should have some basic knowledge about health and also about all the diseases and ailments if not at least the major ones so that we can take precautions to avoid them and also that we know what to expect when we or our near and dear ones are stricken by them.

I am not a physician but I am obsessed with topics on health and diseases and make it a point to read any good health book coming my way and note down the important points which might be useful.

I don't subscribe to the theory that only a physician should have knowledge about diseases and their treatment.

> I created this website to write about them and also about topics and all issues pertaining to home and family such as home improvement,family health,pets,home income e.t.c...

I also created this website to write the real story behind my successful weight loss experiment and about weight loss tips which were useful to me as I struggled to shed my weight and fat.

Here you will get answers to your many questions on various topics on weight loss,dieting tips ,abdominal fat loss ,obesity,slimming tips etc..such as.... How to succeed in your weight loss|fat loss plans in the shortest possible time?

does dieting work?

Are abdominal belts effective?

Does heredity play a part in obesity?

My name is Peria.I am in my late fifties.I have a lovely devoted wife and three children who I adore.

About two years back,I got my retirement from my regular job.Suddenly I had lot of free time on my hands which I could not even dream of during my regular job days.

I love my family and as such I savoured every moment of my time with them.It was heaven on earth.

Life seemed one big long vacation.I enjoyed every minute of this pure bliss.Time flew by and a year passed.

One fallout of this joyous period of inactivity was that I put on weight.

I became very fat.My belly grew horizontally about a foot from the middle of my body due to overeating coupled with lack of exercise.

Fat accumulated under my skin in wrong places, grossly distorting my shape.

Suddenly I had to purchase new clothes often as I outgrew my older ones.My body movements became sluggish and awkward.

A friend of mine visited me after a long time and almost could not recognize me.

He was very concerned and warned me about the dangers I could face such as heart problems and diabetes.

I thought about my problem and decided to do something fast on a war footing as my condition was worsening by the day.I became obsessed with my overweight and obesity.

I read whatever credible and genuine book came my way on the topic of weight loss and fat loss solutions.

I chose the books and medical journals written by persons who are well respected experts and knowledgeable on the topics of weight loss and fat loss solutions.I decided to undergo a weight loss experiment which I planned with the help of my family doctor.

I surfed the web for information about fast fat loss diet solutions.

It took me quite sometime and tremendous effort to lose my overweight and fat.I gained a good amount of knowledge due to my weight loss experiment and decided to write about it.I sincerely hope that the content of this site is useful and beneficial to the visitors.

All the health information on this site is based on authority sites like

National library of medicine

Womens Health


and other important resources. By Chandrasekaran Rajamani bookmarking list

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